Baked Lay's & Sun Chips ~ $.75

Baked Lay's & Sun Chips   $.75

Steamed or Grilled Veggies ~ $7.00

Steamed or Grilled Veggies

Homemade French Fries ~ $2.50

Homemade French Fries

Stuffed Tomato ~ $8.00

Generously stuffed with your choice of tuna or chicken salad.

Steamed or Grilled Veg. w/Salmon $ 16.50

Steamed or Grilled Veggies with Fresh Salmon

Steamed or Grilled Veggies with Grilled Chicken ~ $10.00

Steamed or Grilled Veggies with Grilled Chicken

Other Chips ~ $.75

Other Chips.

Twice Baked Potato ~ $5.00

A popular favorite. This spud is baked with sour cream, butter, cheese, herbs and spices. We serve it on a bed of lettuce and top it with shredded parmesan cheese and parsley.

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